Dental implants

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The disregard for oral hygiene is often the reason for tooth extraction.

The consequences of the lack of teeth are not serious only at the beginning. In reality, a number of serious problems occurs, such as:

  • the degradation of the bones of the upper and lower jaws – it causes an ‘elderly look’ at a young age;
  • unattractive smile;
  • the lack of contact between the teeth which leads to problems with crushing food and closing the jaw

ALDENT The Centre of Complex Dental Medicine offers you aesthetic implants of the highest quality. The implant is made entirely from titan which, as an element, is absolutely neutral to the human body. The implant is surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw and it grows 100% into the bone of the patient. After a 4-6 month period of healing, it behaves the same way as the root of a tooth. A tooth reconstructed on the basis of an implant looks naturally and is not susceptible to caries. The implant surgeries are preceded by detailed diagnostics by means of computed tomography. As a result, the surgery is not very invasive for the patient, it is very secure and it enables us to maximally use the bone basis of the patient.

If the bone basis of a patient does not make it possible to use implants, we apply bone regenerating techniques based on biomaterials or an innovative method that includes the use of growth factors gathered from the patient’s blood.

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The presentation of the implants of AB Dental

Implants are currently the most modern and the most comfortable way of teeth reconstruction because the aesthetics and comfort match the qualities of natural teeth. Implants are a great choice in the case of both single and multiple teeth.

The dental implant is made of titan. It has the shape of a small screw with a very special surface that enables osseointegration (binding with the bone). The implant is placed in the bone of the upper or lower jaw where it plays the function of an artificial root of a tooth, forming a stable and durable basis at the top of which a dental crown is fitted.

In our Centre, we operate on the most modern and trusted implant systems which guarantee excellent results of the treatment. Our offer includes, among other things, an implant with a golden neck, which negates the so cold ‘grey-blue gum” effect.